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A letter. to you, the reader:
Whether you have come to visit Pay Per Rep because you were just browsing the net and the name caught your eye, or you have been toying with the idea of growing your business and are looking for the right solution.  Let me explain in detail below a little more about the services that we can provide and I welcome you to contact us or fill out a service inquiry to discuss your vision for the future.  I will be waiting to hear from you.  Have a wonderful blessed day.

Inbound Call Center Services Appointment Setting Interactive Voice Response Data Entry/Data Processing
Outbound Call Center Services Technical Support Services Virtual Assistant Document Management
Predictive Dialing Solutions Fund Raising Payment Processing CRM Services Order Management
BiLingual MultiLingual Services Email/Inquiry Response Form Processing Recruiting Services Dropshipping
Customer Service Product Promotion Billing Processes Fulfillment Services
Customer Follow Ups Voice/Text Broadcast Web Marketing Services Everything Forgotten!!!!
Inbound Call Center Services
Inbound Telemarketing: is a 24/7 resource to connect with your customers.  We are able to offer many solutions including order taking, appointment setting or collecting general information from your customers.  

We help you understand your clients’ viewpoints by direct interaction, lift your sales, modify your products, introduce new ideas, build novel sales tactics, govern your sales, and so much more.

We deliver exclusive telemarketing services with astonishingly lowest cost and top quality service.

  • Product Promotion
  • Landing Pages
  • Ad Posting
  • Direct marketing
  • Research Surveys
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Telephone and Web Based Business Development Planning
  • Seminars and Campaigns for Product growth and promotion
"Hi, May I speak with......?" Outbound Call Center Services "The Art of Listening and Hearing is Key!"

Services Offered:

  • Telemarketing lead management,
  • Lead Generation Services
  • Appointment Scheduling Services
  • Cross Selling Service
  • Hardcore selling Service
  • Debt Collection Services
  • Database Services

Pay Per Rep can help you:

  • Introduce your product to the niche market,
  • find out customers’ interests and demands
  • sell your product,
  • know market position

Outbound Telemarketing: the potential or existing customers are directly contacted to give information about any product or service.

Why Select Pay Per Rep  for Telemarketing Services?

Our team is comprised of highly proficient, skilled, energetic and dedicated employees who guarantee you result-oriented assistance for your business and products.

We handle the job from start to finish.  You just sit back while we do the work  

We structure Scripts and Content for your product, form processing to database for ease of use as well as customer follow ups.

Pay Per Rep, with its trust worthy inbound and outbound Telemarketing Services, is one of the leading outsourcing agencies to serve you the best.

You are at the right place to make your selling vision come true. Contact us right away to solve your selling issues.

"Lead Generation, Customer Service, Appointment Setting" Predictive Dialing Solutions "Surveys. Sales, Fund Raisers, Follow Ups"
Pay Per Rep

Just like the name, this is a great opportunity to have a flat rate per month which covers all administrative fees for the dialer and human resource.  You opt to use one of our agents for your processes.  

You supply the data, we supply the rest.  

Cost would include agent salary, seat cost, and voip for an 8 hour shift.  We operate 24/7.  

   Too many irons in the fire?  
Affordable dialing solutions!

We want to help you achieve your goals.  Are you still having your help hand dial each number or using Skype as a telemarketing solution.?

Pay Per Rep can solve this solution by putting your campaign on our automatic dialer which cuts down not only the dead time you are spending dialing and the frustrations of not getting enough productivity.

Pay Per Rep can offer solutions of renting seats on our remote dialer or we can supply the human resource to sit in that seat for a fixed rate per month. 
Seat Rental

You supply the human resurce and we can provide seats on our remote dialer.  All you need is a quiet room, high speed internet connection, and a PC or even a tablet.  

Access the dialer from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Login credentials, administrative privilege, daily reports, leads sent to your inbox.  

We can offer several options.  Ask for more info.

"Hi! How are you?  Bien Gracias!  żY usted?" BiLingual/MultiLingual Services "Sprechen Sie Deutsch?  Jee haan! Shukria."

Pay Per Rep proudly presents its versatile, Bilingual or Multilingual Call Centre Services. Our operators are trained to handle queries in numerous languages including Spanish, French, Chinese, German, Russian, Korean , Italian, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi, Arabic and English.

By using our services, you can make all your calls and faxes answered and recorded in any language. Don’t invest on employing interpreters or translators. Pay Per Rep is offering you such a fine solution. Our skilled operators record your messages and inform you in case of urgent response. Now we help you manage your inbox, calls and faxes in any language from any part of the world.

Do I Need A Multilanguage Service?

If you’re leading your business globally or planning to take it outside the United States, you need multilingual staff to tackle your customers’ and business’ dealings all over the map.

It is really difficult to hire people who understand so many languages. The most optimal solution for this problem is outsourcing Bilingual or Multilingual Services.

Bilingual or Multilingual Customer Care

A customer calls in and wants to speak in a specific language. Our operator will connect the call to the desired language speaker from the team or take aid from an interpreter. Thus, in any case, none of your calls, messages or faxes will go unanswered.

Expand your business worldwide beyond language boundaries. No risks associated with completely secure, efficient, productive and cost-effective way of handling multilingual clients and business partners.

In a Cosmopolitan country like America, it is mandatory to cater a wide range of non-English-speaking citizens to flourish in your business.

"How can I help you today?" Customer Service "Please hold for the next available agent."

Our Supreme Methodology

At Pay Per Rep, our proficient team works hard to meet the liabilities of an operative and prolific customer service.

We want to maintain customer retention of the customer database  that you currently have as well as bring in new customers .

Our team evaluates the needs and demands of your customers by interacting with them and designs their campaigns by apprehending your customers. We just don’t follow but rather understand, innovate and generate new approaches to deal your clients with care.

We believe in building a long term relationship between your organization and customers by continuously adding value. We don’t just want to attract your customers yet also make them share their opinion for further improvement.

By tracking the true customer retention strategies we ensure enhanced client’s response, elevated demand for your products and services and ultimately lifted profits and turnover

The Customer is Part of the Team

To earn your customers’ loyalty in a long run you must pursue an efficient Customer Retention Program. With such, you can easily target your valued customers, the most potential ones to continue trusting your products and services.

By using customer retention services, you make your consumers feel significant and valuable. It makes your customers loyal to your products and builds their trust in you.

Customer service is one of the most important ways of assisting your clients. It shows that your company has compassion that it cares deeply about your clients. This in turn creates immense loyalty and a temporary client may become permanent.

How can we at Pay Per Rep help you develop this imperative service? Dealing with customers is not easy, it requires time and space. With your growing company you cannot afford to be distracted. We at Pay Per Rep have everything to cater your service needs.  Questions need to be addressed, customer complains need to be directed, orders need to be placed. We can do all this for you taking the headache away and you can easily focus on expanding your business.

Our technical facility is very well equipped we offer your business the following assistance:

  • 24 hour chat support
  • Customer handling
  • Complaint addressing
  • E-mail management
  • Website orders
  • Queries addressing
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Call routing
  • Mobile management
  • Automated call backs
  • Multimedia queuing
  • Social media handling
  • Customized Customer services required by your company

    Our working ethics is based on

  • Engaging customers via social networking,
  • Offering promotions and discounts,
  • Conducting Customer Loyalty programs and
  • Implementing day to day Upgraded Policies by research
"After the sale is just as important as the sale." Customer Follow Ups "Good Service = Great Testimonials"

A Customer’s Need

At Pay Per Rep, post sales services are given due importance. Queries are addressed and relevant personnel are approached if needed to solve them. We believe in serving our customer the best way we can to make them feel satisfied.

It’s Not Just About You

Business does not focus on selling your product alone. You need to have organized follow-ups to make your customer buy again. Getting feedback from your customers is likewise vital for it proves that you care about them. If they have any concerns, you are there to help them whenever they need it.

Structured follow-ups help in boosting your brand image. However, it should be result-oriented and should focus on solving any issues that may arise. There are ways to obtain a customer’s feedback like via email or phone. Just decide on whichever way is easy for you to approach them.

Follow-ups can be of different kinds. What we do is we compile them in report form with queries that are of similar type which has been asked for several times. By doing so, not only that we will have an idea of what could be asked about a particular product but it will also make us prepared giving us a better position to address any problems. Hence, we can expedite the process so that our customers don’t feel neglected.

It’s an effective way of handling customer’s feedback and you will be in a better position to predict what could be asked about a particular product. At the end of the day, this is where you can make a difference. With so many players in the market, you need something that would act as your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) for you to survive and to also make an impact in your customer’s mind.

"I have next Tuesday or Thursday available...!?!?!" Appointment Setting "Morning or Afternoon?"

What we do

  • use business process outsource services to carry out seamless communication with the customers by appointment settings
  • ensure proper handling of objections and rejections from the customers
  • set the agendas ahead of the time to make sure that our clients get the desired result in timely manner
  • provide any business an efficient sales channel creating appointments for you
  • manage appointments ranging from the executives to individual job interviews

We specialize in providing a full range of services and end-to-end solutions to those services for our clients.

What Is Appointment Setting?

It is one of the core competencies in any business and indispensable for most of the companies.

It is an integral component and it can take place by means of email, voice, web and many more.

It includes big group meetings, smaller group meetings and even job interviews that take place either in groups or individually.

You can leave your office appointments, schedulers and reservations of any meetings, seminars, concerts and dinners to us and we can take care of all those services for you, providing you with the best satisfactory results. We ensure that our clients are benefited with an increased sales productivity by easing their time and money.

We Make A Difference

A wide number of companies use appointment settings services

At Pay Per Rep we provide you with reliable appointment settings by assigning our best skilled employees to study a particular client’s product and services, offer them feedback and duly set the programmed results.

Pay Per Rep understand your needs to expand your business and attract new customers. That is why we ensure you the right technology, efficient people, and the best methodologies to achieve your goals.

(Free Consultation)

"Leads = Sales" Lead Generation "Sales = $$$$"

Give Your Consumers That Concept

Concept has always been a most desired way of reaching out to potential customers and cannot be termed as new.

People have not only praised the way different attributes of product/service are conveyed to them but also highlighted the fact that how it develops a sense of affiliation with the product.

With little advancement in technology and lifestyle of people, modes have certainly changed but underline philosophy remains the same. Different surveys conducted over the years have proved the effectiveness of this very concept.

Start Your Sales By Getting Known

Lead generation is the activity directed towards finding out the potential buyers who might be interested to buy your product or service.

It is one of the most effective ways of marketing through which interests are created and, if necessary, molded.

Lead generation has always been an effective tool to make your presence felt in the market. Consumers will get to know about your product/service and could eventually end up buying your product.

Our services are geared towards providing you with greatest return on capital employed and in turn greatest profit. We assure you that after you start doing business with us, you will certainly be able to generate more sales and your targeted customers will get to know more about your product/service.

The Pay Per Rep Way

Product: Our trained staff knows how to make anyone buy a product. We know how product/service should be highlighted in order to get the desired response.

Relationship: Our experienced staff not only educates the buyer but is also involved in contacting serious buyers to help them understand their needs.

More than just business: We don’t want anyone to buy a particular product or service rather we focus on creating awareness how it’ll suit their needs and how one can get benefit out of it.

We cater to all the business regardless of the fact that how big they are and who their end consumers are (B2B or B2C) and offer services at an affordable cost.

"Forget the Past" Fundraising "Embrace the Future...Crowdfunding"
An Exhilarating Experience That’ll Earn You Maximum Accolades 
The act of raising money for a particular cause, most notably charity, is often referred to as Fund Raising. But with the advent of time, the practice of fund raising has evolved into a different league.

Asking for money from an individual or company for any purpose imaginable is a tough task to accomplish. No one wants to give their hard earned money to you even if you are asking for a noble cause.
Please call us for an appointment or leave a message containing your initial estimate for your fund raising event. 
We’ll Do It For You

Our competent and experienced work force will surely make you sit down and notice our innovative ways to raise fund for you. Whether it’s for charity, religious purpose or for a political campaign, we will devise a flawless marketing strategy that will earn you brownie points.

The professionals at Pay Per Rep have mastered this skill over the years and can formulate a winning strategy on which you can rely upon.

Forget The Past of knocking on doors or setting up camp at the most popular spot in town with your hand out.  

Online fund raising is now the order of the day. You can run the campaign virtually all over the planet and it’ll cost you just a fraction of what a normal fund raising event will incur.

So Embrace The Future with our team of Internet and tech-savvy personnel that has transformed the fortunes of many little known charities into profitable ones.

"Snail Mail is for Losers" Email Inquiry Response "Email...I want my answer NOW"

Inquiries about your products or services need to be properly categorized and addressed to a customer/client, discussed and resolved.

This allows you to look professional and further generates more business.  Our representatives at Pay Per Rep are trained in product knowledge.  Not only do we specialize in inquiry response services but we handle your business needs that are related to this service. Whether it maybe customer inquiry handling or developing/managing proper information, we do it all for you at Pay Per Rep.

How do we handle your Inquires?

  • Through website, telephone and e-mails
  • Gathering information required by your clients
  • Distributor and agent locator per area

While governing cumbersome business, you might not be able to react accurately and favorably to your customers’ queries. Our team of professionals can offer 24/7 responser to immediately respond to emails and resolve any customer issues.

Email response is an effective channel to interact with your customers.  Nowadays, greater number of your clients holds smart phones making them lean towards email for communication services contributed by your company.

Why Outsourcing Your Email Response is Best for You?

Outsourcing email response can diminish your dilemma of unrequited emails of your customers. When you are inefficacious to retort each email sent by your customer, they fabricate disloyal impact to your company and you might start suffer customer loss.

Also, it saves your precious time in handling emails. Pay Per Rep has an efficient system of email response and never spares a single mail unanswered. We assure timely response with full customer satisfaction.

Email Us Today!

In-house mail response

Pay Per Rep Email response is not only contenting your external customers but also advantageous for your internal customers as well.

We have widespread software technology to form daily descriptions and consultation hearings regarding concerns of your internal customers.


Besides email response service that is correlated to your businesses elevation, billing, and queries of services, we also welcome email feedbacks that could broaden the credibility of your business.

Fast output

When your customers’ emails are dealt with on time, it will ultimately increase your company’s turnout. Doing so gives them the feeling of being priority and value which will increases the bond you have with your customer.

"Because you cannot afford to fail" Third Party Verification "Quality Control is Cost Effective"

We manage the customer interaction in the best possible ways. We believe that our success is driven by the success of our customers; we believe that our customers are our partners. We help you in resolving your issues with quality and on-time services.

Pay Per Rep will provide you with a professional cost-effective solution to your third party verification services, and we’ll serve you with an access to expertise and an operational cost control over your exceeding bills.

Pay Per Rep is a market leader in third party verification in BPO business. We provide multiple purposes to ensure complete verification as an external party.

We offer third party verification...

The term third party verification is used when an outside organization reviews the information provided by the customer to make sure that the information is accurate.

Verified is Qualified

It is used by several companies including schools, universities, local governments, health care centers, hospitals, real estate agencies, travel services, utility companies, telecom companies, internet service providers and many more.

– helps you to check and recheck
– verification of electronic payments
– provide updated information    

– improved customer service
– reduced marketing costs
– higher amount of sales
– greater coverage across the globe
– interaction with more customers

"To hear more about this special offer please press 1" Voice/Text Broadcast "SMS Campaigns-Getting the Word Out!"

We  can offer voice or text broadcasting, whether your target is Business2Business or Business2Consumer, we can find a solution that will work for you.  We are very competive in the current market.

We also have global capabilities, so don't be shy if your campaign crosses borders.  We currently have campaigns open in Pakistan, US, and Canada.  

The broadcast method has been used for multiple purposes; market survey and political campaigns are at the top of the list. 

Instead of generating sales, these messages are sometimes driven to get the feedback of respective customers about how they see a particular product and what their response is.

Why use a voice or text broadcast?

Voice broadcasting is used to generate recorded calls directed towards multiple audiences. It’s not done essentially to generate sales rather to let the others know about your existence.

It is considered one of the tools to create lead generation. Messages are meant to make the other person listen to what it delivers and, if wishes, can contact the respective call centers to know more about the product/service or even order them.

This can also be used while designing the target market of your product. Depending on the kind of response you get, you will be able to segregate your market accordingly like who has shown more interest and what kind of people would be interested in your product.

This is a proven technique and marketers over the years have used it to get to know the kind of market they would be asked to deliver.

Once you hear back from them, you normally ask them basic questions in order to find out the details that you need to classify your market.

"Press the # Key to Repeat the Menu" Interactive Voice Response "Press O for the Operator"

Pay Per Rep Benefits

Our IVR services are  fast and reliable 24/7 access. 

We eliminate the need for you to buy expensive equipment and numerous dedicated phone lines.  Perfect for the small business on a tight budget to have a hosted solution that is based in the cloud. .  

Your service is fully customizable as we are just an email or a phone call away.  We have 24/7 support.  

Competive IVR service rates that are affordable for any type of business, may it be small or huge. We believe in providing quality service to our clients so that you can take pride in doing business with us. Hopefully we could hear soon from you.

While automated phone systems can improve a business's productivity, if they aren't used correctly they can really tarnish an image.  The key to a successful IVR is making the system easy for the consumer to use, while also complex enough to handle tasks that would otherwise need to be addressed by employees.

What exactly is Interactive Voice Response?

Interactive voice response technology has become a very important tool used by many companies to cut down on their human resource allowing a direct response to their customers.  The IVR is set to provide answers to the most common questions at the push of the button.   

We can customize the IVR to take your productivity to the next level and yet knowing you cannot please everyone and not everyone has migrated to the ease of new technology. 

There are still those that need human unteraction, so therefore, there is still a percentage of need for that one person to answer the phone for unique queations and answers.  

Pay Per Rep IVR Approach

At Pay Per Rep we are well equipped to give you to total customization to have a self service option for all of your customers.  In the past IVR was a process used by only larger companies, but we are seeing the need for the new startups to stretch not only their $$$ but also the hours put into the work day.  

You are just a call away to learn from us and we are anxiously waiting to give you the solution you want.

As far as operating cost is concerned, it’s economical and practical, and will give you more time to do the things you enjoy rather than tied down to answering the phone or paying someone to sit idlely waiting for the phone to ring. 

"Help! My computer won't turn on." Technical Support Services "Answer:  Is it plugged in?"

Ways to Combat the Client’s Invasions

In today’s rapidly changing epoch, even middle-sized companies have started to outsource their technical support services to third parties so as to cut costs and reduce workforce.

The mediumof Technical Support is also of importance, as the time to resolve the issue largely depends on it.

For example, if you have contacted Tech support via email, it is probably the slowest of all the mediums as it can take up days before the issue is resolved. On the other hand, a remote access is the fastest way to resolve a technical bug and within minutes your client’s system will be up and running.

Concentrating on the Focal Point

Even minor issues with your PC, laptop or any other gadget can be very cumbersome to resolve if you don’t know how to resolve it. The need for the Technical Support Services arises from these kinds of situations.

At Pay Per Rep, we commit to provide you unrivalled customer support for all the technical issues ranging from PC, tablet or cell phones. Our seasoned workforce will cater the needs of your clients in a professional way, so you can rely on our services that are being used by hundreds of other companies.

We specialize in providing all kinds of support to suit small, medium, and large multinational corporations alike.

Features of a Reliable IT Support Service Provider

Usability of a tech support is measured by the range of products, platforms and software it can cater.

Most often, you will come across run-of-the-mill type of tech support which specializes in only a certain area and unable to help you in getting most of your problems solved.

Pay Per Rep is one of the pioneers in providing technical support services in a broad spectrum. Your decision of choosing us will bear fruits for your company and earn you encomiums in the longer run  

Lower your Help Desk Support Costs

Want to EASILY…

  • Lower your support cost
  • Improve the level of service to your customers and internal departments
  • Maximize support team efficiency
  • Increase management and control over telecom support activities

Key Features:

  • Robust capabilities for defining workflows, inventoried and non-inventoried products, and pricing
  • Routes the order to appropriate individuals in your organization for review and approval and  lets you track order status
  • Supports integration with other systems; enables email bonding with vendors

Pay Per Rep’ Help Desk, a successful BPO, is a powerful work flow system which:

(1) facilitates defining flexible processes, and

(2) manages work orders or trouble tickets and tracking them from initiation up to completion.

It has a built-in escalation mechanism which ensures successful delivery of requested work and improves the level of support for corporate end-users.

"How will you be paying today?" Transaction/Payment Processing "Wil that be Debit or Credit?"

We also can offer solutions to enable your customers to make payments via the web or through phone support.  Let's face it, there's a lot to be said for the personal care of a human on the other end of the phone line.  

We at Pay Per Rep value time and that is the basis of our money transfer services which we offer in 196 countries in the world. Our service is 100% guaranteed that your money will reach its destination before the recipient calls you to inquire about its status.

With state- of- the- art equipments and efficient staff, we perform our service at its best. For us to serve you much better in future, your record goes permanently into our database for evaluation. A one stop solution with minimum paperwork- all we require is a basic ID and contact details to send your cash safely to its destination.

You will not regret the choice that you are about to make by selecting us as your permanent money transaction and wire services.

How can we help you?

For years we’ve been serving customers worldwide in their times of need and urgency. With us, rest assured that your cash is just as important to us as it is to you. So we invite you to use our service and find out yourself the quality and satisfaction we offer. With very competitive mark up and profit rates that will surely surprise you, Pay Per Rep is the perfect choice for your personal deals as well as your business transactions.

We are presently associated with many well known multinationals FMCG’s of the world. We handle their business transactions and processing on the personal side as we are proudly serving housewives, husbands and families in personal money deals and transactions.

"Forms, Forms and more Forms" Form Processing Services "Save TIme...Let Us Get That For You!"

Outsource All Your Form Processing Services to Us

We can support you in gathering greater volumes of vital information powerfully, superbly and safely.

Accuracy:  We have been extremely valued by all of our clients for the accuracy of our quick online form processing utilities.

Security: We have firm security strategies and moral qualities to make certain utmost security.

Pay Per Rep form processing utilities are appropriate for any business profile – may it be Banks and Financial Institutions, Insurance Organizations, Hospitals, Educational Institutes, Corporate Offices, Legal Companies, Logistics Companies and Retailers near others

Basic Terminology

Form processing – a speedy, convenient, polished online form processing services for all of business requirements

Online Form Processing Service – prescribes greater value and reliability when handling a few kinds of forms.

Outsource Form Processing – gives low expenses, accurate, and quick form processing utility

Form Processing Services– in reality, is a principal component for any organization’s decision making. It is a classification of data preparing to make plausible business and moderate paper work to procure particular reports and co-partnered items.

Form Processing Service

If you require computerized compilation of your basic data, need to reduce human errors while gathering information from customers, and need to eliminate the cost factor, then you are at the right place.

Talk to US About All Your Forms

With the latest imaging system, we can transform huge volume of your manual and stored documents into digital format which can fit in a palm. All type of forms and their content can be digitized for storage or future modification.

"We make advertising easy" Product/Service/Brand Promotions "We Are the Champions!"

Classic Approach:

New product launch in the past has been expensive and time consuming.  

Direct Mail, Television, Radio Ads, and Newspapers are the old standby but with people buying fewer papers, they are now getting all of their news via the computer, specialized "commercial free" TV and Radio solutions.  This has greatly divided the target markets, therefore needing a fresh new approach to market your new products or services.

Although these product/service promotional activities still exist, the cost is very expensive and time consuming.  

Launching product/services that needs promoted? 

We do that!

You need to plan its promotional strategies and its marketing goals to focus the target audience. You need to make sure who the targeted group is, whether the consumers will buy the product and why.

How will they know you?

A product or service promotion is the basic ingredient that helps you develop a solid foundation for the new product.

How we can help you!

We have years of experience in this industry and we’re innovative. We bring out fresh ideas to you and we assure you a valuable support in carrying out your promotional activities.

Our business process outsourced activities of product or service promotions brings out the most exciting and innovative ideas to brand your product worldwide and we commit to take your business to the next higher level by putting our best efforts to it and generating your revenues to a visible extent.

Today's Approach:
 Pay Per Rep introduces its outsourcing product and services promotions throughout the world to attract customers world wide with the assistance vast promotional strategies.

Through Interment Marketing we can reach more targets with less espense.

Marketing Processes:

* Social Media

* Classified Ad Posting

* LinkedIn 

* Landing Pages/Web Presence

* Target Specific

We promote a product/service, making it known to the customers in such a persuasive way to boost the target audience’s interest in buying the product. Our goal is to follow up with existing customers while adding the new customers.

"If you cannot be found online...." Web Marketing Services " are missing sales."

All In One 

We are a one stop solution regarding Web Based Marketing. We can guarantee 99.9% uptime as well as timely updates to your site.  


We promote your product with a professional presence on the World Wide Web.  We take SEO very serioously and can put you at the top of the food chain. Call us for your free consultation today so that we can share your visions and make them a reality.  Take the first step to growing your business by marking your spot on the web.  We can offer many marketing options.  Fill out our Service Inquiry with your contact information and we will be happy to discuss a custom solution for your marketing needs.

Ethics and Commitment

We at Pay Per Rep value ethics & commitment which has always been the foundation principle of the services we provide.

Our web solutions have been especially designed in a variety of ways to meet the different demands and requirements of our valued customers.

Pay Per Rep is here to support your dreams. This is the place where we can get your business where it should be, THE TOP!  We are here to market your products and give your customers the comfort of browsing your website in their comfort zone, no matter the device of choice (Tablet, Laptop or Smart Phone)

Make the Right Decision

Don’t take any unnecessary risks that can be regretted at a later time by opting cheaper and unorthodox methods of marketing.  We want to give you peace of mind that your business is in good hands. 

"Stop looking for a needle in the haystack" Market Research/Surveys "Run with the Big Dogs or Stay on the Porch"

Experience is on your side!

BPO companies like us excel in both types of market research. In addition, we have the brains which can devise the one-two punch like after gathering the required data, conceiving a killer strategy based on an errant market research and survey which can overtake the market and reign your supremacy over your rivals in the least time possible


Ultimate Marketing Strategy

Are you entering the marketplace with a new venture or already have an established company about to launch a new product in the market? If you haven’t done your homework right regarding proper market research, the serendipity of your product’s survival is very bleak. A harsh statement it really is. But let’s face it. Truth is always bitter, isn’t it?

Market Research is not just about loads of data from random surveys digging deep to get viable results or the dissatisfied customer.  True Market Research is getting to know what your customer wants and expects from your product.  

Market Research and Surveys are the backbone of your business.   Want to explore this genre further? Look nowhere else as Pay Per Rep rules in the online world of market research.

The Task from Start to Finish

In today’s cut-throat marketplace where companies wanting to reap healthy profits and customers aiming to save every cent possible, it’s not hard to guess that without apt market research, thinking of profitable marketing campaigns is akin to looking for a needle in a haystack.

Both the qualitative and the quantitative research methods have their own pros and cons. Qualitative market research, like focus groups, cannot be handled without experienced personnel at the helm of affairs. On the other hand, quantitative techniques, such as statistical data analysis, also require seasoned statisticians so that the data can be analyzed further.

"VA For Hire" Virtual Assistants "Get the Most BANG for your BUCK"
Focus on Business, Leave The Rest To Us

Use Pay Per Rep Virtual Assistant Service to share your work burden and maintain smooth flow of work with no employee distractions.

  • Meet project deadlines
  • Establish the working environment like you want
  • Staff your office so you can achieve other goals.
  • Don’t frustrate yourself in meeting timelines

Our professionals work with gratitude for a very low cost, while you concentrate on other vital activities such as your routine jobs and furthermore, expand your business.

Benefits of  Hiring a Pay Per Rep Virtual Assistant 

Virtual Assistants in the world of technology are in comparison to the advantage of using temporary help in the manufacturing world. 

If you have positions that need to be filled temporarily, but with experienced human resource, we are your solution.  
  • Cost-effective for small businesses
  • Saves on office space and equipment
  • No recruiting!
  • No training!
  • 100% efficiency ensured
  • 0% Tax Related Employee Costs
  • No administrative cost

Pay Per Rep Virtual Assistants are efficient and diverse having many diffrent backgrounds of experience which will provide you with the quality service 

Just a brief list of duties we can cover.  

– Web Design
– Content Writers
– Graphic Design
– Software developers
– IT Professionals
– Advertisers
– Promoters
– Operators
– Office Assistants and Executives etc.

"Hiring Qualified Candidates - Apply Within" Recruiting Services "Help Wanted - Can you start yesterday?"


We can customize our processes to fit your needs.  Ask for more details.  
Are you tired of the Recruitment Cycles?

Looking for new employees but don't have the time to invest in the whole process of posting ads, interviewing and hiring.  Let us take that burden off your shoulders.  We will advertise in any region and recruit new hires for your business.  

We will post your ads for employment, schedule interviews and take care of document verification. so that you can focus on the daily routine of running your business without taking on the task of humna resource...outsource it. 

Recruiting new employees can be a full time position from start to finish and costly if you are hiring the wrong interviewees. We have mastered the art of the interview by first finding the right applicant for the job.  We offer online testing processes which have become helpful in discovering a candidates strong points before the initial phone interview.  

For example, when hiring CSR we ask a variety of questions referencing the candidates abilities of listening and hearing the customer.  

"For the Best Customer Relationship" CRM Services "Organize, Automate and Synchronize"

Reality Check: Todays Business

In today’s highly competitive market, businesses have to opt for innovative solutions as well as customer satisfaction to keep up with the competition. It can be a challenge to meet customer demands as well as keeping up with the latest software and technology.   We can offer top solutions for Customer Relationship Management (CRM).  

The Service We Offer

Customer Relationship Management is a key element to sales and lead generation.  It is an approach to managing a company's interaction with current and future customers keeping all relevant information in an organized database which has the ability to organize, automate, synchronize sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support.

Join Us Now

We will research the best options for the goals you are focused on completing.  Do not take unnecessary risks by opting for outdated services and routines. This is the era of technological advancement. 

We, at Pay Per Rep, are here to provide you solutions with an assurance that you, our client, will be 100% satisfied.

"Happiness is seeing the Cash Flow like a River" Billing Processes "Due Upon Receipt"

What we Do

Invoice Processing to your clients in a timely manner so the CASH can FLOW and everyone will be happy at the end of the day.  

Accurate billing processes that are maintained on a daily basis with customized sheets that can keep a running total of profits and expenditures.  

Our services are cost effective and reasonable.  

Flow of Money

To effectively run a business, a smooth cash flow is essential. For you to have a smooth cash flow, your business needs timely collection of Account Receivables.

We, here at Pay Per Rep, know what your business needs are to run its operations efficiently and smoothly. Let us handle this for you.

We Can Help

Our aim in providing you, our clients, an efficient and cost effective billing and collection service that will truly help you grow. We ensure you of such service which will keep your firm’s confidentiality at the top of the priorities. 



"The Digital Age" Data Conversion "We CAN Convert It"
Key Points:
  • We offer superior standard of precision, complete secrecy that adds up to privacy and financial know-how of data conversion services.
  • With  assets, innovation and expertise of digital conversions, we can help you cope with your difficulties, time-astuteness and cost-sensitive data conversion ventures.
  • Our substance conversion division can alter daily newspapers, books, diaries, printed records, electronic indexes or pictures and a mixed bag of different structures.
We comprehend deadlines; whereas turnaround and precision are exceptionally paramount in outsourcing business.

Todays technology is continuously updating with a specific end goal to change and enhance our lives. Such fact applies to business as well.

Utilizing cutting-edge innovations and skilled staff, we alter your unstructured information into a mixture of computerized arrangements: MS Word (doc), RTF, TXT, PDF, HTML, SGML, XML, MS Excel, Dbase, FoxPro and other format according to your necessity.

Pay Per Rep has been helping various extents of customers across the globe like incorporated large enterprises, publishing firms, advertising houses, and educational institutions.  

Data Conversion Services Offered:

(1)   Adobe Acrobat PDF Conversion

(2)  Text to PDF Conversion

(3)  PDF to Ms-Word Conversion (PDF to doc Conversion)

(4)  Row Data to Ms-Word Conversion

(5)  E- Book Conversion

(6)  XML / HTML / SGML Conversion

(7)   Page Maker to Adobe PDF Conversion

(8)  Ms-Word to HTML (FrontPage) Conversion

(9)  Text to Word Perfect Conversion

(10)  HTML to Adobe Acrobat Conversion

(11) Ms-Word to Adobe Acrobat Conversion

(12)  Text to Ms-Word (doc) Conversion

(13)  XML to PDF Conversion

(14)  Paper to PDF / Ms-Word

(15)  OCR Conversion

"Master Manipulators of Data" Data Entry/Data Processing "You NEED it WHEN - No Problem"

Mastery in Data Entry Services & Business Process Outsourcing services like:

* Data Conversion Services
* World Wide Web Research Services
* Data Processing
* Virtual Assistant
* Transcription Services
* Online facts and figures application
* Mailing List Service and much more

Data Entry and Data Processing is the key to any successful business.  We are creative and dedicated to offering the best services on the globe.  US based we have a team that will make "your problems our problem."

Manipulating Data has never been easier with the ever growing number of software options from Microsoft to Linux.  

Tell us your needs and we will give you a great quote!

Regardless of how difficult or simple your information may be, we undertake a level of precision of up to 99.99%.

We can offer to our clients:
·         Lower Expenses
·         A Focus on relevant matters
·         Optimum Operational Efficiency
·         Low business enterprise
·         Adaptability and precision
·         Result-oriented and Profitable

"Un-Organized?  Let us get you fixed up!" Document Management "We have the Solution!"



Every business operation and transaction requires paperwork such as purchase vouchers, sales invoices, bills, payroll documentation, bank documentation, tax and freights, and so on and so forth. We can maintain an up to date database containing every detail. 

Don't get caught unprepared.  An audit of the books can come at the least expected time.  We pride ourselves in organization and preparedness.

Our Expertise!

How to efficiently manage business paper work?

How to keep record and track of every business transaction?

How to reduce manual labor on heavy piles of files?

How to maintain an efficient documentation system for business transactions?

These are some burning questions which come in everyone’s mind.

Pay Per Rep Outsourcing will help you answer all these questions. Our documentation management solution gives you the power succeed.

Record and Storage: Our documentation management system helps you record, store, and manage your routine paperwork, electronic files and pictures as per hierarchy you define.

Retrieval: Via our document management system, you can easily retrieve and access your documents and files at any time and date. Defined structure of files also helps you to retrieve as many stored versions you have.

Security: It is a secured documentation management solution which helps you identify and retrieve specific documents as per authorized access key.

Workflow and Time Saving: By using an automated tool, such as our documentation management solution, you can save time and smooth the routine workflow.

Data Collaboration and Integration: Electronic medium for data storage and retrieval of the system integrates and collaborates with complex documentation record and eliminates unnecessary overrides.

Easy to map out and Accessible: Mapping and indexing complex files are easier to perform in our documentation management system as it is a uniquely-defined file structure.

Versioning and Reporting: Versioning of documentation with similar types and checking of each file is easier in our documentation system for it allows access to date and chain of documents from day one to current.

"Quality and Service" Order Management "Focus and Reliability"

Our Focus

A customer will be happy only when his demand meets the supply. Our solution for data management can help you track and improve order placement, reorders and deliveries which aids you to maintain appropriate inventory levels as per your customers’ demand.

Areas, in which our data management system can help your business to improve, are as follows:

  • Order placement and reorders as per customer’s demand
  • Inventory levels meeting the demand
  • Superior customer service and care
  • Systematic check on daily supplies and stocks
  • Better and faster delivery time
  • Cost and time reduction
  • Greater customer coverage and response
  • Efficient and effective sales cycle

Prompt sales actions and deliveries don’t just save you time and money, but also builds confidence between business and the customer. This would be probable once you keep your inventory up-to-date as per market demand. Through our order management system, you can and will surely define and maintain your inventory levels.

Product Management Made Simple

An efficient order management system is an essential business tool which assures higher sales and profits. Managing simple rules of supply and demand and increasing the availability of the stock every time a customer orders.

We, Pay Per Rep, can provide you with the state- of –the- art, customized data management system which will help you elevate and maintain a successful business.








By using an order management system for your business, you can reduce the chances of over stock, shelf consumption and product expiry. All these will help you control and reduce the running cost of your business, increasing its level quality.


Customer loyalty and trust in your business is the backbone of your business. Such are earned through professionalism and trouble-free service. Applying these will make your business different among others, thus making it grow.

So, assure that your customers are happy and satisfied with your service which can easily be obtained by outsourcing our order management system.

"The Times They Are A-Changin" Dropshipping "Service and Quality is our GOAL!"

gerund or present participle: dropshipping
  1. move (goods) from the manufacturer directly to the retailer without going through the usual distribution channels.
    "the shopping network has begun drop-shipping orders taken by telephone or over the Internet"

We use up to date supply chain management techniques to make sure that we are always at the top of our game.

Prime Services

  • Product Merchandising
  • Inventory Management
  • Order Management

Products of Specialty

  • Non-prescription Drugs
  • Cosmetics
  • Ladies Apparel
  • Children Apparel
  • Jewelry

Other Products and Services

  • Computer Hardware
  • Power Adapters
  • Integrated Circuits
  • Printers

Become our customer. Experience the freedom to do business with no strings attached and a provider of all your requirements. Our one-window operation enables you to be in command. You can track your consignment at any point of order to ensure customer satisfaction. No need for warehousing and unwanted segments of the business and trade process. Avoid the hassle and embrace lower costs to make larger profits.

Pay Per Rep also offers free training and sourcing techniques. Take the time to sign-up with us and take your first step to freedom.  Be in command of your own enterprise. Browse our user-friendly website and get to know us better so we may know how to serve you better.

"RELAX - We will let you know when the work is done." Fulfillment Services "It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere!"

It does not matter if it is a large corporation or a growing retail business, we, at Pay Per Rep, are here to solve all your supply chain needs. From receiving the order, up to dispatching the finished product, and all that in between is our challenge.

Our services have a very positive ranking in the market which makes us proud that we have been able to satisfy hundreds thousands of customers worldwide. 

Get your business flying and get known even better by utilizing our services. Free yourself from unwanted overhead costs. Save your time and relax while we do all your work with an assurance that it will be completed as though you did it yourself. 

You may contact us round the clock via telephone or electronically. Our customer service representative will be present to serve you in the best possible manner.

Shipping and Fulfillment Services

  • Warehousing
  • Stocking of Perishable Goods
  • Cold Storages
  • Logistical Support
  •  CSR’s
  • Purchasing
  • Packing

Our logistical support and supply chain management is swift and is always on time. We provide very competitive pricing and purchasing facility which is our forte. All packaging is done in an extremely professional, hygienic and in a very conveniently manner giving the end user a very satisfying product.

"Bring US Your Visions" Everything Forgotten!
"Visions Made Into Reality"

This is where if you have not seen what you are looking for in the previous  service descriptions, it will fall under this category.  

Please share your visions with us so we can make them a reality!